We are available for stage and event appearances, film and video appearances, as well as Samurai lessons and children’s samurai experiences. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Show Stage

We can enliven stages and events with our samurai performances and Japanese traditional dance.
Our “glamorous” performances can entertain a wide variety of people, from children to the elderly, and from Japanese to non-Japanese.
We can go and perform not only in Japan but also anywhere in the world.

  • Festivals and events
  • Entertainment in shopping arcades and stores
  • Events at schools and other facilities
  • Various stage plays and performance events

Movie Acting

We can perform in a variety of visual media, including movies, music videos, advertising videos, and game videos (including motion capture). We can also perform as a team or as an individual.
Our group also offers video production services.

  • Films
  • TV commercials and other advertising videos
  • Music videos
  • Internet videos
  • Game videos, Motion capture models

Samurai Class / Workshop

Our members will serve as instructors and supporters, and we will hold samurai performance classes or workshops.
From elementary school students to the elderly, let’s enjoy a fun Samurai experience while exercising your body.
Safety comes first. Sword performance also has a wonderful educational effect of fostering compassion.
We can visit anywhere in the world.

  • Community-led Samurai Classes or workshops
  • Classes or workshops at schools and various other facilities.
  • As a welfare event for employees etc.